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:star:An interview and 21-piece feature for FrozenStarRo's 3rd Place win in my "Autumn/Halloween 2010" Contest. Details & other winners can be seen here:…

FrozenStarRo :iconfrozenstarro: Interview & Art Feature

1. What is your favorite form of art and why?
I appreciate art in all of its forms. Visual arts, film, literature, music, you name it. I'm just more drawn to visual arts because it's what I do.

2. What inspires you/your art the most?
I've always drawn inspiration from everything that surrounds me. Sometimes a certain situation, a certain mood, a certain song or line or character from a book that is stuck in my head.

3. What made you interested in photo-manipulation in the first place?
When I first joined deviantart 4 years ago, I was just getting familiar with Photoshop (CS2) at that time. Started browsing around and found the art of bitchinblack and UnholyVault that caught my attention. Their work looked like real photos, but then again, it wasn't. So I researched it a bit, got familiar with the term stock photo and started to blend photos.

4. What theme do you most enjoy working with?
I don't have a favorite, I like to do a little bit of everything and be a varied artist, but according to dA stats fantasy gets a majority of my submissions.

5. What piece in your gallery do you consider your favorite/your best?
To this date… remains my favorite work by afar. I even have a huge print of it hanging on my wall. It's dear to me because it was completed the night before a surgical intervention and because it came as a special dedication. And it also won me first place in a competition :)

6. What are your goals for your art work in the future?
I just want to continue learning and hopefully someday get to master digital painting and 3D modelling. My #1 goal would be headlining an international exhibition.

7. How did you come to join deviantART?
A friend of mine had a photography account and was constantly linking me to "pretty pictures". I joined so I could look for more myself :giggle:.

8. What deviantART artist(s) inspire you the most?
It's hard to single out one person or two, because art-wise I've been inspired by different ones over time. I will however make a special mention to 3 people:
Iardacil Kadri inspires me by being the girl she is. Such a fantastic and talented artist and very kind and humble in person. She's just real and she never let the succes get to her. She's the same girl I met 4 years ago and one of the few dA people that remained close friends to me because of that.
bitchinblack Miranda is the one that inspired me to try different things. Just a peek at her gallery will show you that she is never afraid to juggle genres and even medias. She can do anything :)
DigitalGuido Eduardo is someone I truly admire for taking art to a new level with game development. You won't find anything in his gallery as of yet (trying to convince him to add a few things).

9. Do you ever get a creative block? If so, how do you work around it?
It has happened in the past. I generally have "back-up ideas", I keep a little notebook where I write down ideas as I get them and time has never worked in my favor in a way that I could work on all of them. So I work on those and inspiration always has its way of coming back to me eventually

10. What are some other things you love to do besides photo-manipulation?
Related to art, I have recently gotten more familiar with 3D work and I like it. Nowhere near a professional level with it, but hoping to get there eventually with practice. I also enjoy painting, but I still need a clear reference for a base layer to get anything done.

:winner: the winning piece -
Witching Hour 2010 by FrozenStarRo

:gallery: others from her gallery -
Akasha by FrozenStarRoBloom by FrozenStarRoOriental Princess by FrozenStarRoThe Howling by FrozenStarRoBelle of the ball by FrozenStarRoElectric Ride by FrozenStarRoPeaceful Dreaming by FrozenStarRoReflection by FrozenStarRoBreach by FrozenStarRoWhat Lies Beneath by FrozenStarRo

Mature Content

The Muses by FrozenStarRo
Fired Up by FrozenStarRoMaking of... coffee by FrozenStarRoThe Steampunk Workshop by FrozenStarRoThe Heart of Everything by FrozenStarRoEnchanted Garden by FrozenStarRoSurvivor by FrozenStarRoPeter Pan by FrozenStarRoInfinity by FrozenStarRoFarewell by FrozenStarRo

:star:Once again, congratulations on your win, FrozenStarRo! :w00t::party:
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010
:iconbwavoplz: Well done! Love all that blue in the deviations!!!
JocelyneR Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
Very good artist! :heart:
SleeplessImaginarium Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
Great interview!
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December 8, 2010


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