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Merry Christmas by eskimoblueboy Heart by TimelessImages Card A Beautiful Christmas by DigitalPhenom In the Christmas Mood by thetopcrusader :thumb45335982: Merry Christmas by Kumiko-Art + Merry Christmas + by 4nGeLpsych0 'CHRISTMAS BALLS' by beanarts Christmas Balls of Cheer by pastseeker red gift box decoration II by Foozma73 glitter ornaments III -duo- by Foozma73 holiday poinsettia I by Foozma73 stock christmas o4 by anna2202 Christmas Morning01 by annie252 Merry Christmas by Sharon77Speeds

Mrs. Claus's Christmas by zoozee :thumb71979649: :thumb71343367: A Christmas Wish by Gild-a-Lily Merry Christmas by Touch-and-Go A Christmas wish by sweetangel1 Candy cane for Christmas by caithness155 Merry Christmas Wishes. by miss69 can't wait for christmas by hsupertiger Christmas Celebration at EPCOT by WDWParksGal The Tree of Christmas by ErebusOdora :thumb71315962: Xmas Goddess-Snowy Evening by ShimmeringCns A Christmas Story by Healersmoon Christmas-ish Thing by dkirbyj Snow Queens Christmas by miss69 :thumb71958021: May your holiday be great by ErebusOdora Christmas Is Anywhere by MzFrkD Santa Wuz Here by kzinrret Santa's Little Helper by Gild-a-Lily :thumb71564501: I wrapped you a gift by pennys-designs :thumb72153667:

:thumb70547428: Trim the Tree by Shadoweddancer :thumb71917651: 2007 Happy Holidays by patrx Peace 2007 by Pumakitten Christmas Tree Bauble II by LadyLyonnesse Christmas Feathers Fractal by trashydragon Merry Christmas Fractal by LenasArtWorXS Christmas Tree Fractal by ilinamorato Christmas Tree by magnusti78  Happy Holidays Ornament by jenepooh :thumb72078285: Merry Christmas by Yenkoff Holiday Variations by hollyelizabethjean :thumb71658849: c.s. by babymik :thumb71155117: Have a Fractal Christmas by Shadoweddancer :thumb71619401: Flowering Christmas by magnusti78 Christmas Holly by Sheleych Merry Christmas by terrye634 10 - Christmas Tree by Pyritie Fractal Holly by CassiopeiaArt Winter Bough by Velvet--Glove :thumb72221868: Tis the Season by frchblndy Christmas Tree by Colliemom :thumb71959599: Christmas Stars by Emasworld Delightful by Kymemy Christmas tree III by gosiekd Another Xmas...Another Fractal by wizerkizer Happy Holidays by Actionjack52 :thumb71246669: Victorian Christmas by Velvet--Glove Aurora Noel by Quellist Fractal Christmas by im1happy :thumb72179617: Christmas Fractal 01 by PsychoDreamer4 :thumb44617338:

To Santa DearTo Mr. Santa Claus,
Here's a letter for you, Santa dear,
So please try to listen and please try to hear.
Please try to hear what I've got to say,
Because here is what I wish for on Christmas Day.
I could always ask for a material thing.
Then again, I'm so lucky, I'm still able to sing.
So I'll ask you to give joy and maybe send some snow.
Some people haven't seen some, but what do I know?
So there's joy and there's snow, what else could I ask?
Maybe for peace, not war in a mask.
Think what we could accomplish if we all live in peace.
So please, dear ol' Santa, make all the wars cease.
Okay maybe that last one's currently too hard.
So bring hope to someone, just a small shard.
Just a single, little, glimmer of light.
Something enough to make their darkness bright.
Now I should start to finish this letter.
Joy, peace, and hope,can I ask anything better?
Yes, I should ask you to send love to all.
Enough to last us from winter through to the next fall.
:thumb11801473: Oh SantaDear Mr. Santa Claus,
How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I hope that everyone is doing very well up at the North Pole. My mommy said that it is time for me to write a letter to you to tell you what I would like for Christmas since I have been very good this year. And now mommy gives me the crayon to write with, so here we go...
In case you did not kno yet, I have a new sissy this year and she wood WEAWY like a new toy to play witf. Somthin flashy and lights up and dwives mommy and daddy bananas. I just kno she wood weally LOVE that toy if you can get it for her Santa. Oh and some stuffed aminals becuse she weally wans thos to. For me, Santa pwease I wood wuv to get a big colowing booc and some new cwayons and a new bike. I do not wan much Santa so thank you vewy vewy much. I wove you!
Now mommy has the crayon back and she says thank you, too!
Yours truly,
Little Amie
the Christmas BirdIcicled and frozen,
Beneath the great gray sky,
A little lost dove spots the tall slim pine,
And on top of it he does rest.
                                          The winter winds blow,
                                          The harsh snow pounds,
                                          But the little bird does not
Christmas Memories
Bright fire glowing
without a single fear.
Christmas stories told
for many ears to hear.
White snow without a show
as the sun sets away.
How we wish it would glow
without having to wait another day.
Long and slow may the night pass
till morning strikes its wonder.
Round the tree all the children gasp
as there minds begin to ponder.
TothePeople Who Hate Christmas
You say you hate the red and green
Maybe Holloween is more your thing.
            ...Or Maybe...
You're just scared of peppermint breath
What you ask for is never what you get
You're allergic to snow, skiing and sleds
Visions of sugar plums fill you with dread!
Ebenezer Grinch this song goes out to you.
It seems to me you're a little bit confused,
About the joy of the christmas tree,
And children's faces filled with glee.
I hate to say it but I really think you're sick.
What kind of person could hate St. Nick?
Well, Bah Humbug! right back at you!
I throw my peanut brittle at you!
It's not our fault that you're so blind
To all the things that make Christmas so fine.
~Rockin' Guitar Solo~
:thumb70831848: Last DecemberLast December  I remember
How the fire was red as embers
Outside the choirs sang Silent night
while we made love that night
how she leaned over to whisper
darlin darlin I love ya
You should've heard you should've heard
the church bells sing Alleluia
Last December she trimmed the tree
How her cheeks they glow under the fireplace
there's no way to replace
that sexy look on her face
When I asked her ' Baby what're you doing?'
She said ' Darlin I'm making a list.
I'm checking it twice.
to see if my baby's all naughty or nice
I can't ever forget Christmas eve night
last year our tree glowed with pride
we trinket the tree in bulbs of gold and green
Then she got underneath the tree and grinned
She had her lower waist wrapped in red bow
then she whispered O lord she did whisper
' Make love to me all through the night'
If you don't mind me saying
This Christmas I've been thinking
Santa forget all my presents
Just don't ever deliver
my heaven away
A Family GiftA parent's gift to a child:
     Throughout your life I will
love you,
hold you,
feed you,
support you,
encourage you,
guide you,
comfort you.
A child's gift to a parent:
     As an infant I will
unconditionally love you.
     As a young person I will
be loyal to you.
     As a teenager I will
respect you.
     As an adult I will
be your friend.
When a parent's gift is given
with open heart and hands,
a child's gift is given naturally,
and not upon demand.
-March 1996
Winter SpiritYou’re old and bearded, frail and weak. You’ve teeth that are rotting, and a smile that ruptures your skin. You dress royally, a cross-dressing ballet dancer that’s grown old, but never lost the spirit of the dance. You sing and shout merrily, dancing atop rooftops with the glee of a five year old, echoing the spirits you inspire. The saddest thing is, however, that you’re long dead and buried. Lying meekly in a soaked grave, your skeleton has turned into bones that could belong to anyone. That, my dear saint, is the bare truth. Perhaps, however, that truth isn’t actually a bad one. Perhaps it’s not something to cry and weep about, and perhaps it’s a cause for celebration. Perhaps we should all be grinning with happiness. You see, thanks to you we’ve learnt: the bones can belong to anyone. And anyone, everyone, can claim them as their own. Last ChristmasLast Christmas
The spicy aroma of searing hot mince pies leaked from the oven and two white mugs chinked together as they rotated within the illuminated microwave.
He took my hand as if nothing else mattered. Simply took it, and held it within his own.
Frank shifted within his dog basket, a small wine escaping as his jaws stretched into a lazy yawn that seemed to sum up the entire feeling of the day so far.The skies had darkened at precisely twenty eight minutes past four and the wind blustered against the window panes, smattering leaves against the rain streaked glass.
I felt myself being drawn to him, into his arms as the dull whirring of the microwave continued for a further twenty seconds and the hum of the oven remained.
The lights seemed to dim slightly and the honey coloured wood of the kitchen seemed to glow and appear more homely than in any other light.I felt how firm he was as his arms wrapped about me making my lips curl into a contented smile as I sighed against the blue w
:thumb71900485: :thumb72402945: :thumb72391848: :thumb71907520:

Fella's Merry Xmas Stamp by altergromit Merry Christmas Stamp by JunkbyJen Merry Christmas by SheilaBrinson Merry Christmas by Reioko Stamp Request: 2 by RaptureCyner Support Christmas Stamp by vermillion-darkie Christmas by mfcreative Christmas Stamp by IanSkelskey Stamp: Christmas by FlantsyFlan XMas Stamp by fadingz :thumb71137201: Merry Christmas Stamp by erana Let Christmas Live by RIMHfire Support Christmas - stamp by TwinTwosGirl :thumb71196152: Christmas Stamp. by katiezgreatie To Santa... by PixieRiot

Fella Christmas by particle9 Merry dAmn Christmas by FarFromTheBox :thumb71903372: Winter Wonderland by C-Williams Holiday Wallpaper by Cenestelle A Magic Christmas by DigitalPhenom I'll Have a Blue Christmas by DigitalPhenom Holiday Spirit by DigitalPhenom MERRY CHRISTMAS SINGLE by DigitalPhenom Merry Christmas 2007 by DigitalPhenom H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S by DigitalPhenom H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S by DigitalPhenom Christmas Imperfection by DivineError Merry Christmas. by chopeh Christmas tree wallpaper by gosiekd :thumb42475768: Christmas Ornaments by blu99 :thumb71188681: Merry Christmas by Lord-Yoda Christmas Wallpaper by noahz Holiday Wallpaper by parrotdolphin :thumb71294385: Seasons Greetings Wallpaper by jenepooh

Trees Journal by littledeviltoo CSS: Gingerbread Journal by tsukino-hikaru Christmas is coming... by vanmall Free Christmas Journal by DigitalPhenom .:White Snow by ginkgografix :thumb70659821: Christmas CSS - Dec 2nd by Miamoto Christmas CSS by kuschelirmel-stock XMAS CSS by WillDBill CSS Journal Template - Winter by Lilyas CSS 016 - Winter by mynti Winter Christmas Night by Supreme24  :thumb71827294: Gingerbread Man Journal CSS by electricnet .:Blue Dunes by ginkgografix

Self Promotion: My Own Christmas/Holiday Pieces
Heart, Christmas by Jenna-Rose My Trimmed Tree I by Jenna-Rose :thumb72128797: :thumb57888655: :thumb63767037:
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