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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 4, 2010, 6:06 PM
Busy, Busy; "Eclipse"; Beads; Debit Card

:flagus: Happy 4th of July! :party:

:wave: Hi guys, hope all is well with everyone! :) I have been busy working, which is great of course, but it has left me with little time for my art & dA. Lately, if I'm not working, I'm sleeping. :lol: My hours leave me tired. The week before last I was working 2:30pm-11:30, but also going in in the mornings 3 days a week, 7:30-2pm. :faint: Not going to bed until 1am and then having to leave the house at 7am is tough, not to mention that it's a 15-20 minute drive from my house to work, then another 15-20 home again, and that's if the weather's good. If not, like it's been the last 2 weeks, pouring rain so hard that you can't see even with the wipers on high, then it takes even longer. Friday I went in to volunteer 7:30-11am, then to work work 11am-3pm, then at 6pm I worked until 2am... :faint: Buuut, I really am glad I'm working, and I like the job pretty good too. It's not the best out there, but it's better than my last 3 or 4. :nod: I have been doing it a month now and so far it isn't making me feel horrible, so that's a good sign! :D You would think with the hours I'm talking about that I'm making lots of money, over 40 hours a week, but when I go in in the mornings, most of the time it's volunteer work. Meaning, I'm not getting paid for it, unless you count a free lunch lol. I just do it because they really really need the help and have no funds to hire people (it's doing the Meals-on-Wheels, and things like that). So, no overtime pay, even though I'm doing overtime hours. :XD: But it's all good... makes me feel good, knowing I'm doing something that's helping people, regardless of being paid to do it.

Yesterday we went down to Mackinaw City to see "Twilight Saga: Eclipse"; it was so good! :clap: It had such stunning outdoor scenes and the special effects were great. The fights at the end were amazing. I especially loved the "winter" scenes, and the one where the bad group of vampires are just slowly walking out of the water... awesome. :D I can't wait for "Breaking Dawn" to come out, it was my favorite book in the series. Before the movie, we walked around the Crossings and browsed a few of the shops. At one I got some colored gravel to put in my vases, a Buddha bell, a new dropper for making water droplets, and some of those decorative buttons for my Crocs. Everything in that store is always on sale, so I only spent a total of $5, which is always nice. :giggle: Then I discovered this neat little bead shop, which has been there for a few years, but I just started doing my hemp necklaces this winter so I never really paid attention to it before... but it's hard to find beads around here, I don't live by any stores that sell things like that. The two Wal-Marts are 30-50 miles away, and they don't really have a good selection anyway, and Jo-Ann is 50 miles away, so I don't get there very often. So I had been using a website to get beads, but that can be hard because you can't physically look at the bead(s) to see if the hemp sizes I have will go through it & stuff like that. Well, this shop is only another 5 miles out of town, you just have to pay the $7 ridiculous dollars to cross the bridge; but overall, I'm really happy to have "discovered" it. I spent, I cringe to say LOL, $30 on a little bag of all different kinds of beads + a necklace I couldn't resist. I was so glad I had extra money. The greatest thing about this shop is you don't have to buy bags of one bead, or a string of one bead; you can pick out just ONE individual bead, ranging anywhere from $0.05-$5 a piece. So I got a great selection of all different kinds. I hope to make another trip or two down there this summer. :heart: Anyway, then after the movie we went to Subway and had dinner, and we made a nice day out of it. I was so tired though, from working Friday, that when I got home I took a 3 hour nap, I couldn't keep my eyes open! Then at 9 we went to the local "4th of July" but on the 3rd (because on the actual 4th everyone goes into town for fireworks) fireworks over Brevort Lake. They were pretty and I got some nice pictures. Overall, it was a good day. :aww: I sure slept like a rock last night! :laughing:

So, get this. Last month, I go to use my debit card to buy a couple little things online. Well, I had $30 some in my account, and my purchases were only about $12, but all of them didn't go through. So I go and look on my online banking account, and out of my $30 only a couple of cents is "available funds". I call the bank to see what's up, and there's 4 charges on hold that I didn't make, 2 of them to some Russian bride place! :shock: I was so mad. I had to cancel my card & send for a new one, and wait for a couple of stressful weeks-30 days to see if I would indeed get my money back (thankfully it wasn't that much, but at the moment I wasn't working & it was ALL I had). I did get a new card, and all of my money back, and everything is good now. But I kept wondering, how did someone get a hold of my card numbers? The card wasn't lost or stolen, it was still in my wallet. It is ALWAYS in my wallet, unless I have it at the computer ordering something, or at a check out in a store. To my knowledge, no one has ever taken it out of my wallet, memorized or written down the numbers & pin, then put it back in my wallet in the same exact spot. I only use it on about 4 websites, one of which is dA, sites I've used it on for 2 years with no problems (that's why I got the card in the first place). Then a few days later, I get an email from, saying that some of its users have reported fraudulent charges after using their site... well, I had just used it a couple of weeks before! So I'm thinking that that MUST be how it happened. :bleh:

It's been really nasty hot here the last few days, but no rain all last week, thankfully (though it's supposed to rain/thunderstorm tonight). Earlier in the week, the weather was actual a bit Autumn-like, very cool with a breeze but warm sunshine; the perfect weather in my book. I've taken a lot of pictures that I really love lately, hopefully I will have the time to share them with you sometime soon! :lol:

Hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend! :w00t: Enjoy yourselves but party safely. :hug:

Birthday Gifts

Beautiful birthday gifts from beautiful friends...

A Parade of Roses by TeaPhotography - from Tea/:iconteaphotography:

Happy Birthday Jenna Rose by SalemCat - from Deb/:iconsalemcat:

Red Trilium, a Wild Flower by JocelyneR - from Joce/:iconjocelyner:

Pixie Dust by WildWinyan - from Olivia/:iconwildwinyan:

Thank you guys so much! I love them all :love:

I would also like to say a special thank you to TeaPhotography, who sent me a print of her beautiful photo "One for Every Kind" along with a good old-fashioned birthday card & letter through REAL mail. Sometimes I get so sick of all this "email, ecard" stuff, it was an awesome thing for her to do. :heart:

One for Every Kind by TeaPhotography

Contest Placings & Prizes

Stock - Premade Background 1 by Jenna-Rose
My "Stock - Premade Background 1" won 1st Place in Level 1 of :iconwdwparksgal-stock:'s "Three Tier" Contest! :w00t:

Toluca Lake by Jenna-Rose
My "Toluca Lake" won 2nd Place in Level 2 of :iconwdwparksgal-stock:'s "Three Tier" Contest! :wow:

A prize for my 1st place win in the stock category of :icongrinmir-stock:'s "A Winter's Tale" contest, a drawing request from :iconmorgue-awall:. :dance: Don't you just love the hair? :giggle:

Contest Winner's Features

The winner's of :iconpasov:'s "Nature" Contest -

1st Place: :iconsixtynineyarasa: - :thumb159454827:
2nd Place: :iconxthumbtakx: - i dare you by xthumbtakx
3rd Place: :iconaremography: - Baywalk's Sunset by aremOgraphy

The winner's of :icontrees-with-character:'s "Willow Tree" Contest -

1st Place: :iconmichilauke: - Willow Tree infrared... by MichiLauke
2nd Place: :iconwerewolfling: - Snowbound Willow - Take Two by Werewolfling
3rd Place: :iconipaint4fun: - willow. by iPaint4fun

Friend Features, Volume 2

Don't fret if you're not in this group! I'm going to be doing a series of "friend features" all summer long. :)

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My Newest Pieces

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Dezhire Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Aww, I am truly honored my dear friend!!! Thank you so much for featuring me! :tighthug: I am so sorry it took me so long to respond, I was gone on vacation and way behind here. Please forgive me and know I really really appreciate this! :blowkiss:
Kittihawk11 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
Lovely feature Jen.:)
You are really lacking hours for yourself...I don't know how you manage to get so much accomplished.

Take care of yourself!:hug::icongirlheartplz:Joyce:wave::heart:
Whimsical-Dreams Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Professional Photographer
Aww thanks for the feature!! :heart: Sorry to hear about your credit card, that really blows :o Can the situation be fixed? or do you just get a new card?
Have a great week, hope it gets better for you!!! xXx
SalemCat Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks Jen!:tighthug:
Glad you liked Eclipse, I haven't seen it yet,Hopefully by next Sunday I'll be able to. I'm really looking forward to it!
Btw... I'm watching Doctor Who, well actually I just finished season 5, and Torchwood..2 episodes left..Only a few episodes of Merlin also..You watching anything new? :D
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
It was good, if only for the great effects :D I can't wait for the Breaking Dawn movie! :excited: Or Harry Potter 7 for that matter.

I've never seen Doctor Who or Torchwood. I saw all the eps of Merlin season 1, but then the channel never picked up season 2. I hope to get them on DVD one day, I loved them! I bought Angel seasons 1-4 on DVD, so now I have that series on DVD, only need 3 & 5 of Buffy then I will have it on DVD as well and can throw out all the old VCR tapes. :dance: I got to watch the 6 or 7 eps of Angel I've never seen, which was nice. I am watching Roswell season 2 & Everwood season 1.
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
I enjoyed the 4th journal and so much info about stuff going on in it. :nod:

Nice features, too. :hug:
WildWinyan Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010   Photographer
philippeL Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a very very nice journal :clap::clap::clap: Thank you so much for featuring my work, darling :rose:
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome. :) :hug:
Angelia61 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful features! :clap:
Thank you very much for including my work! :iconthankyouplz4:
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome :aww:
JocelyneR Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
Beautiful journal and feature! :love:

You are working so many hours, I am glad that you seem to like your work though!
Thank you so much for the feature, I appreciate it! :hug:
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome. :)

Yeah, I'm tired & have little time, but it's all good. I get weekends off. ;) lol But yesterday I did a photoshoot at a wedding & today I slept until noon :XD:
JocelyneR Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010
Get the more rest you can, I know you must be tired... :hug:
colt51 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
Glad you got your money back. And, lots of :love: for the rest. :D
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks :D
xthumbtakx Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
:glomp:!!! thank you, jen!! :D
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome :)
VickyM72 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much! :hug: Happy fourth of July! :iconfireworkplz:
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome. :) Hope you had a good one.
Morgue-Awall Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for the feature! Happy fourth!
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
:nod: You're welcome. Hope you had a good 4th.
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, such a lovely and enchanting feature. Thank you for including my art. Happy fourth of July to you as well.
Jenna-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome :aww:
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